The Project

AtkinspireAtkinspire is a dental and medical consultancy run by Amanda Atkin. The business previously had a DIY site but it was not helping the business as it should have.

Our brief was to produce a site that would be professional, modern, easy to use and explained her -often complicated – business in a simple and straightforward way.

What Moghill did

We created a modern looking professional website for her with a new logo.

The site is also responsive design, so adapts itself to display across all devices from desktop computers to mobile phones.

A major part of this project was presenting the information on the site in a simple and clear way – a difficult task in Amanda’s field of work, which tends to get bogged down in jargon.

What the client said

Director Amanda Atkin said: “I looked at many web design services when I was deciding who to work with, however what made Mooghill so refreshing and user friendly was the use of basic common sense and the ability to put across the compexities of web design and associated  ‘jargon’ in a way which was easy for me to understand and that is a challenge for anybody!!!

“I was able to tell Pat and Fiona what I wanted to achieve for the Atkinspire Limited website, which services were most important to promote and the look and feel I wanted to achieve. The design was completed in an efficient manner whilst I was at the other end of the country which must have presented some challenges for Moghill but never once did I feel I was causing any problems.

“I am still working with Moghill to deliver the services I want to market to my customers but not only that they are designing my company logo, paperwork and business cards and provide me with a monthly report back on how the website is performing, this allows me to take a much more holistic view of the business and our goals going forward

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”