Red Stone Studio

Red Stone Studio

The project

Red Stone Studio (formerly known as Branding by G) is a graphic design studio run by Gina Cox-Roberts. Having recently rebranded herself, she needed a professional website that reflected that brand and demonstrated the quality of her portfolio.

What we did

From the brief, it was clear that Gina wanted a site that would highlight her portfolio first and foremost.

In terms of design, she wanted a clean and minimal look and feel, so we used a lot of white space and incorporated her red and black branding. Gina created unique graphics to bring the brand through the site, such as the red stones for the social media and newsletter signup buttons.

We also:

  • Added a testimonial page showing Gina’s many delighted clients
  • Embedded a video on the home page
  • Integrated an email newsletter function to automatically e-mail out blog posts to her subscribers