Bloomers and Carolines Bakery

Bloomers and Carolines Bakery

Bloomers and Carolines

The Project

Bloomers Bakery and Caroline’s is a wholesale bakery business based in Wem, Shropshire, with shops in Oswestry and Wrexham.

We built their first website, with an emphasis on promoting the business to potential commercial clients, rather than the end users of their product.

What we did

The site had to reflect the joint branding of both Bloomers and Carolines, and showcase their products.

We used their existing branding and recreated it for the website, with a page for the Bloomers Range of mainly savoury products and another for the their Carolines range, which is mostly cakes. Customers wanting to know about the full range can also download a full brochure in PDF format.

The company also delivers products across a wide area so we showed the delivery area on a map, and provided a contact form for delivery enquiries.

While we had available the pictures from the brochure, they lacked the impact we need so we also did some photos of our own, both at their base in Wem and at their Oswestry shop.

Taking photos in a cake shop was a tough assignment, but we got through it somehow!

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