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Shropshire Dairy Supplies

Shropshire Dairy Supplies

The project

Shropshire Dairy Supplies supply and install the latest of dairy equipment to farms throughout the Shropshire area.

They came to us because their current website was not at all effective, had not been updated in four years and they had difficulty contacting their web designer.

The two main elements to this site were to make it a WordPress platform that was mobile responsive and to provide a simple and straight forward solution.

The content is short and concise and sums up what the business does on the home page. We added a contact form with a Google map and further developments are planned for the future.


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Pentreclawdd Farm, Oswestry

Pentreclawdd Farm, Oswestry

Responsive website with online bookings for camping pods and caravan spaces

Bookings page on the Pentreclawdd Farm website

Pentreclawdd Farm, Oswestry, operates camping pods and a caravan site, with a seasonal Christmas tree and Christmas shop business.

They came to us to build their first website when they opened in 2013, to which we added online bookings for the pods and caravan site.

We created a mobile responsive WordPress website, using the WooCommerce e-commerce platform to handle accommodation booking.

This booking area also served as a booking system for the business, as it allowed phone bookings to be added manually, providing a single place to manage bookings and payment.

Sales success

The booking system went live in early 2014, and rapidly became a success, earning more than five times the cost of its development in its first season alone. Sales more than doubled again the following year and continued to rise in 2016.

During that time we hosted and maintained the site and ensured it continued to work reliably.

Pentreclawdd Farm decided to replace the site in late 2016 with another developer.


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Bloomers and Carolines Bakery

Bloomers and Carolines

The Project

Bloomers Bakery and Caroline’s is a wholesale bakery business based in Wem, Shropshire, with shops in Oswestry and Wrexham.

We built their first website, with an emphasis on promoting the business to potential commercial clients, rather than the end users of their product.

What we did

The site had to reflect the joint branding of both Bloomers and Carolines, and showcase their products.

We used their existing branding and recreated it for the website, with a page for the Bloomers Range of mainly savoury products and another for the their Carolines range, which is mostly cakes. Customers wanting to know about the full range can also download a full brochure in PDF format.

The company also delivers products across a wide area so we showed the delivery area on a map, and provided a contact form for delivery enquiries.

While we had available the pictures from the brochure, they lacked the impact we need so we also did some photos of our own, both at their base in Wem and at their Oswestry shop.

Taking photos in a cake shop was a tough assignment, but we got through it somehow!

Visit the Bloomers and Carolines website
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A. C. Edwards & Sons Fruit and Vegetable suppliers

The Project

A. C. Edwards & Sons Fruit and Vegetable suppliersA. C. Edwards & Sons asked us to create a professional web presence at a budget, so we offered them our one page website product. These sites are idea for businesses who want to start small and build up to a bigger website, for start-ups and for businesses that just need a web presence.

What Moghill did

We created a one page website  and set them up a Facebook page to advertise their produce. Like all our one page sites, the site gets across the basic information about the business while making it easy for customers to contact them, and linking through to social media preferences.

The website is in a responsive design which adapts itself to display across all devices from a desktop computer to a mobile phone.

Visit A C Edwards and Son’s website
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Attainability UK Ltd

The Project

Attainability UK LtdWe were asked to rebuild and re-design Attainability’s outdated website and simple online shop as well as restructure and re-write all content.

What Moghill did

The end result was a user-friendly and professional website and fully featured online shop, which is easy to navigate and understand. It’s also easy for the customer to use as he has access to manage his own online shop. He also has access to the Moghill Help site, with its software guides and video tutorials.

The site is also responsive design, so adapts itself to display across all devices from desktop computers to mobile phones.

Big buttons were also an important feature of the site to make it easier for people using a mobile device, and for older users.

Because Attainability already had a working website, we built the site in a secret area and only put it live, replacing the original, when it was ready. This kept disruption to customers to a bare minimum.

Visit Attainability UK Ltd’s website
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The Project

AtkinspireAtkinspire is a dental and medical consultancy run by Amanda Atkin. The business previously had a DIY site but it was not helping the business as it should have.

Our brief was to produce a site that would be professional, modern, easy to use and explained her -often complicated – business in a simple and straightforward way.

What Moghill did

We created a modern looking professional website for her with a new logo.

The site is also responsive design, so adapts itself to display across all devices from desktop computers to mobile phones.

A major part of this project was presenting the information on the site in a simple and clear way – a difficult task in Amanda’s field of work, which tends to get bogged down in jargon.

What the client said

Director Amanda Atkin said: “I looked at many web design services when I was deciding who to work with, however what made Mooghill so refreshing and user friendly was the use of basic common sense and the ability to put across the compexities of web design and associated  ‘jargon’ in a way which was easy for me to understand and that is a challenge for anybody!!!

“I was able to tell Pat and Fiona what I wanted to achieve for the Atkinspire Limited website, which services were most important to promote and the look and feel I wanted to achieve. The design was completed in an efficient manner whilst I was at the other end of the country which must have presented some challenges for Moghill but never once did I feel I was causing any problems.

“I am still working with Moghill to deliver the services I want to market to my customers but not only that they are designing my company logo, paperwork and business cards and provide me with a monthly report back on how the website is performing, this allows me to take a much more holistic view of the business and our goals going forward

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

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Shiny Bike Syndrome

The Project

Shiny Bike SyndromeShiny Bike Syndrome started out as a motorcycle valeting business and has since expanded into providing cleaning products and accessories for bikes, as well as protective kit for riders.

We created an early website for the company in 2011, but as the business changed the proprietor, Nigel Coulson, decided he needed to update the site. He also wanted a way to take deposits for valeting appointments via his website.

What Moghill did

We created a new webshop for his business and made it much easier for customers to use than the previous version, leading to an improvement in sales. While doing this we switched the site to the popular and flexible WordPress platform, to make it easier to manage his shop. This meant we were able to bring the design of the site up to date, but we also put a lot of effort into optimising the site for search engines.

The biggest factor was an online booking calendar which allows his customers to pick a date for their motorcycle valet and then pay a deposit. This has proved really popular with his customers almost immediately since launch.

Because Shiny Bike Syndrome already had a working website, we built the site in a secret area and only put it live, replacing the original, when it was ready. This kept disruption to customers to a bare minimum.

Nigel said: “I saw a noticeable increase in customer numbers as soon as the site went live – I wasn’t expecting anything like that to happen.

“Some of my existing customers have mentioned how much better my new website looks as well.”


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Bowland Tractors

The Project

Bowland Tractors LtdBowland Tractors specialise in exporting used tractors and agricultural vehicles of all kinds existing website was dated and did not present the business in the best light.

They wanted a website that users with basic knowledge of computers could use with ease.

What Moghill did

We brought a professional approach to the new website, and built an entirely new version.

We re-structured the site with new content focused better towards customers’ needs and the needs of the business.

The heart of the site is an online brochure that allows customers to see parts and spares, instead of the product pages it used before, which were difficult to use. The new system is also a lot easier for Bowland Tractors’ staff to update themselves, and we included training and access to the Moghill Help site, which includes guides and video tutorials.

What the customer said

Bowland Tractors Director David Bland said: “Our old web page had become outdated and ineffective so we received a few quotations to update it from local and national companies.

“Moghill stood out as they clearly explained the process, costing and the fresh ideas they had for our new site. With minimum input from us the site was built and was up and running in the agreed time scale.

“Patrick and Fiona have gone out of their way to ensure the success of our web page and I would highly recommend them to anyone considering a new or improved site.”

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Moreton Garage

The Project

Moreton GarageMoreton Garage was one of our first website customers in early 2010. Back then we gave him a simple, clean website integrating his Facebook business page but as things moved on he came back to us for something more sophisticated.

The site also needed to reflect changes in his business.

What Moghill did

We migrated his old site into a new WordPress website, making better use of images and making changes where necessary. We also took on his email account and hosting at the same time.

The new website was also built using a responsive design, which adapts itself to different screen sizes and works as well on smartphones and tablet PCs as it does on desktop computers.

Visit Moreton Garage’s website
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Chirk Trout Farm

The Project

Chirk Trout FarmChirk Trout Farm and Smokery is a varied business that covers a trout farm with live fish sales, a contract smokery and top quality food from smoked fish to ready meals. They can often be found at farmer’s markets and food festivals and they also have their own farm shop at their premises in the Ceiriog Valley, near Chirk.

They previously had a website but it had never been a success and at some point it had been switched off. They had also lost contact with their web developer.

What Moghill did

They asked us to build a new website that reflected the various different aspects of the business with an online shop selling a selection of their products.

The shop has a clean and modern look and features striking photographs of the products. The photography was part of the package and our web shop software ensured a fast, clean checkout and a shop that is easy for customers to use.

.The site launched in February 2013 and we also produced some new leaflets for the business to go with the new site.

Visit Chirk Trout Farm’s website
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