shropshire tree services

Shropshire Tree Services

The Project

Shropshire Tree ServicesShropshire Tree Services came to us for their first ever website with the aim of building awareness of their business and winning new contract.

What Moghill did

There are a lot of tree surgeons locally and from the start we wanted to build a site that would stand out. The competitor sites had several things in common – they were very wordy (tree surgeons love what they do and like to talk about it) and this makes them difficult to use and a little intimidating.

So we built a site that was a straightforward as possible, worded very tightly and easy to use, with a couple of photo galleries to illustrate the work of Shropshire Tree Services.

The site is a standard desktop website without a mobile version but still usable on a phone, thanks to its clear layout.

We have also provided email services, taking on an existing account, and two other domain names which now point at the new site.

Full details on the Shropshire Tree Services project can be found here:

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NRG Direct Mail

NRG Direct Mail

The Project

NRG Direct MailNRG Direct Mail came to us in 2012.

The company had a WordPress website that had been built by a marketing agency several years before, but it did not address the needs of the company’s customers or the company itself.

What Moghill did

We set about overhauling the current website design, content and SEO completely: An illustration of what can be done within WordPress without changing the website platform.

Full details on the NRG Direct Mail project can be found here:

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The company was taken over in 2016 and took their website management in-house, but our original site still lives on, more than 6 years after it was built.

Neil the Knit

Neil the Knit

The Project

Neil the KnitWe were asked to build the first ever website and online shop for Neil, who has spent many years selling wools and yarns at exhibitions around the UK.

What Moghill did

Neil was clear that the shop should be easy to use and clearly laid out so we built a web shop with a simple interface and a one page checkout.

The shop has proved very successful and since launch we have expanded the product range and added new products to the shop to the point it currently has almost 600 products.

We have also produced Neil’s marketing material, from business cards and a banner to branded jute bags for his customers.

Full details on the Neil the Knit project can be found here:

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Dodleston Manor

Dodleston Manor

The Project

Dodleston ManorWe were asked to create the first website for this new wedding and accommodation venue on the outskirts of Chester. The site was intended to promote the venue in advance of its opening in 2013.

What Moghill did

We worked with a local graphic designer to create a logo and integrate it into a new website that promoted the wedding and accommodation parts of the business, and also provided social media presences on Facebook and Twitter.

As always the site is as easy as possible to use, while being attractive visually and attractive to search engines.

The venue opened in summer 2013 and we updated the site to reflect this, with new photography and updated information.

In 2016 the client moved on with a different website, which means the one we built can no longer be seen.

Talan Skeels Piggins

Talan Skeels Piggins: Paralympian speaker

The Project

Talan Skeels Piggins: Paralympian speakerTalan Skeels-Piggins is a truly inspiring public speaker.

A former PE instructor, he was paralysed in an accident in 2003 but battled back to become a Paralympian skier and achieve a serious of firsts.

We were hired to create a new website for him that tells his story and promotes his business as an inspirational speaker. The website had to be produced on a fast turnaround of two weeks.


period builders

Period Builders Ltd

The Project

Period Builders LtdThis was the first website for this building company specialising in major projects involving historic and listed buildings in Shropshire and France.

We worked closely with them to produce a site that met the needs of the business and those of prospective customers, is simple, easy to use and uses photo galleries to show their portfolio of projects.

Since launch we have also updated the content with other example projects and new services.

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