Shropshire Housing Alliance

Shropshire Housing Alliance

Shropshire Housing Alliance

The project

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Shropshire Housing Alliance is charity that provides homes to those who are on low incomes or in need of emergency accommodation within Shropshire.

What we did

Although Shropshire Housing Alliance has a landlord management scheme, they wanted a site that would appeal more to those in need of housing.  It was even more important in this case to make the site extra user friendly so that people could quickly access the vital advice and support they need.

This was done in a number of ways but specifically in how the content was developed. We kept it minimal and made the navigation super instinctive, as well as focusing on what housing help the Housing Alliance could offer rather than going on too much about the organisation itself.

We also ensured it performed effectively on mobile devices as their audience mostly accesses the site via their smart phones. As this website offers a few different services we felt it necessary to make individual short forms to make it even easier for the user to access help.

This site looks clean and professional, but more importantly approachable and friendly.