Allenby Douglas Care Services

Allenby Douglas Care services

Simple website with e-newsletter feature

Allenby Douglas Care Services approached us for their first ever website in 2015. Despite trading for many years, they had developed a strong customer base and didn’t feel they needed a website.

They were also concerned a web designer would not get the tone right, but after seeing our other work they liked our stripped-down, simple approach to websites.

We were under strict instructions to avoid cliches such as pictures of old people, and to produce a site that was simple and easy to use, while conveying the company’s caring philosopy and values and maintaining an understated look.

The site was also to link up to the company’s latest Care Quality Commission report and display other official logos. Of course, the site was ideal for WordPress.

We spoke at length with the directors to ensure we understood the business, and decided to feature a photo of a local view on the homepage, to emphasise the company’s links with the Oswestry area.

We’re pleased to say that, despite the concerns, the website we produced was exactly what the Allenby Douglas team wanted and launched with only minor changes.

E-newsletters and security

The website also features e-newsletters, which saves Allenby Douglas time and money in sending out newsletters to clients via email.

And, to keep up with the latest security standards, the website is secured with an SSL Certificate.

As of 2018, the site is no longer maintained by us.

Jo Bregazzi

Jo Bregazzi Cosmetic and Medical Permanent Makeup

Jo Bregazzi

The client

Jo Bregazzi is a cosmetic and medical permanent makeup specialist based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

As a former nurse and artist, she has a national reputation for her excellent work and receives GP referrals from all over the UK, particularly for scar coverage after surgery or accidents as well as after breast cancer treatment. She also carries out cosmetic tattooing on eyebrows, eyeliner and lips.

The problem

Jo had had a website built for her several years ago in a proprietary content management system developed by the company who built it, but she had never been truly happy with the way it looked or performed.

Being several years old, the website was looking dated, wasn’t mobile responsive and was cluttered with no clear focus on where to go for the information you wanted. It wasn’t great either at displaying photo galleries of her work, and the blogging function was lacking.

It was also difficult for Jo to update and difficult for site visitors to use and the system itself was no longer supported by the company who built it so she had no support in getting around any difficulties she had. She needed something much easier for her to update and the current system was constrained in what she could change.


The site simply wasn’t reflecting the quality of her work.

She was also looking to rebrand the business to bring her image up to date and have a recognisable logo and style with which to build her brand.

And finally, she needed it to integrate with her online booking system, Timely, which she used to organise appointments.

How we helped

We consulted with Jo to define what she wanted from her website, which was something clean and fresh, mobile-friendly and modern that integrated with Timely.

We brought in our graphic design and branding partner, Gina at Red Stone Studio and together concluded that, as she had a good name in the industry, she would rebrand from trading as Creative Enhancement, as she had previously, to using her own name.


Previously trading as Creative Enhancement, we suggested that she might like to use her reputation to her advantage and trade under her own name.

Gina created Jo a brand that is modern and fresh, creating variations on her logo and other graphics for social media and printed stationery, such as letterhead and business cards.

We took the brand to create a modern, mobile friendly website. We then used content from her old website to build the site structure and create some starter blog posts for her to build upon.

Easy to update

We repurposed the content to focus on what her clients and site visitors would want to do, making it easy to find the online bookings features and creating image galleries to display examples of her work.

As her clinic is home-based, it was important for clients to be able to easily find her, so we embedded an interactive Google map into her contact page.

As the site is built in WordPress (as is everything we do), we simplified the admin panel she accessed to make available only those features she needs access to and trained her in how to use the system.

And we integrated her booking system into the website so that clients can book a consultation in just a few clicks and without leaving the site.

What happened next

Jo is much happier with both how the website looks and performs on tablets and phones and how much easier the site is to manage. As well as having a fresh new look, it’s much easier to get around.

She is taking bookings through the site and so now her website has become a valuable asset to her business that will continue to grow as her business does.

After just one week of going live, it was showing on page 1 in county-wide Google search results and her Google map pin was top of the list.

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Lynskeys CSC

Lynskeys CSC

Lynskeys CSC

The project

Lynskeys Care Service Consultancy, based in Telford, is a training provider and consultant for the health and social care sector.

It’s owned by Teresa Lynskey, who after working in the care sector for 15 years decided to set up her own business.

Teresa came to us via a recommendation by our accountant. We envisioned a website that would be clean, simple and straight to the point.

For this WordPress mobile responsive site, we added a testimonial and feedback page – both very important elements purely because this kind of industry relies on positive reviews.

After five years, the site was taken in-house by the client.

Attainability UK Ltd

Attainability UK Ltd

The Project

Attainability UK LtdWe were asked to rebuild and re-design Attainability’s outdated website and simple online shop as well as restructure and re-write all content.

What Moghill did

The end result was a user-friendly and professional website and fully featured online shop, which is easy to navigate and understand. It’s also easy for the customer to use as he has access to manage his own online shop. He also has access to the Moghill Help site, with its software guides and video tutorials.

The site is also responsive design, so adapts itself to display across all devices from desktop computers to mobile phones.

Big buttons were also an important feature of the site to make it easier for people using a mobile device, and for older users.

Because Attainability already had a working website, we built the site in a secret area and only put it live, replacing the original, when it was ready. This kept disruption to customers to a bare minimum.

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The Project

AtkinspireAtkinspire is a dental and medical consultancy run by Amanda Atkin. The business previously had a DIY site but it was not helping the business as it should have.

Our brief was to produce a site that would be professional, modern, easy to use and explained her -often complicated – business in a simple and straightforward way.

What Moghill did

We created a modern looking professional website for her with a new logo.

The site is also responsive design, so adapts itself to display across all devices from desktop computers to mobile phones.

A major part of this project was presenting the information on the site in a simple and clear way – a difficult task in Amanda’s field of work, which tends to get bogged down in jargon.

What the client said

Director Amanda Atkin said: “I looked at many web design services when I was deciding who to work with, however what made Mooghill so refreshing and user friendly was the use of basic common sense and the ability to put across the compexities of web design and associated  ‘jargon’ in a way which was easy for me to understand and that is a challenge for anybody!!!

“I was able to tell Pat and Fiona what I wanted to achieve for the Atkinspire Limited website, which services were most important to promote and the look and feel I wanted to achieve. The design was completed in an efficient manner whilst I was at the other end of the country which must have presented some challenges for Moghill but never once did I feel I was causing any problems.

“I am still working with Moghill to deliver the services I want to market to my customers but not only that they are designing my company logo, paperwork and business cards and provide me with a monthly report back on how the website is performing, this allows me to take a much more holistic view of the business and our goals going forward

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”