Sorrells Solicitors

Sorrells Solicitors

Sorrells Solicitors

The project

Sorrells Solicitors came to us as yet another disatisfied customer of Yell/Hibu who needed a simple website that explained their services and brought them new clients.

After discussion with the partners we agreed on an approach of avoiding the usual problems seen on solicitors’ websites: Instead of a website that was distant from the user and full of legal jargon, we aimed for one that was short and to the point, even friendly!

We worked hard together to come up with content that explained benefits rather intimidating the visitor.

As usual the emphasis was on simple, clear navigation, simple language, on a WordPress website in responsive design for mobile devices.

The result was a website that brought in new clients where the previous site had failed.

In early 2016 Sorrells merged with another law firm and the site is currently a holding page.