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Nearly Wild Camping

Nearly Wild Camping

The Project

Nearly Wild Camping began in 2013 as a Community Interest Company that allows farmers and landowners with basic camping facilities to offer their land to campers.

Since then it has taken off and its website and technology has been at the heart of its success, with major website improvements made in 2017.

The Nearly Wild Camping website allows people to join on an annual subscription, which then gives them access to members-only website content, including a directory of all camp ‘sites’, with the ability to contact owners to make bookings.

Everything from taking membership fees to allowing camp ‘sites’ to add their details is handled by the site, and controlled by Nearly Wild Camping’s administrators.

Nearly Wild Camping Booking Page

The project

We were originally invited to bid on the project in a competitive process with other web design companies in 2013.

We used a mobile responsive WordPress design (for ease of use across all devices), and WooCommerce as the basis for the booking and membership systems.

We used a business directory extension to run the camping directory, which will allow camping location owners to add themselves on payment of a fee. The site will also sell co-operative memberships, with members then able to book and pay for their stay at any location through the website.

There’s an option to message the owner of the camping facility and a chance to rate and review where you’ve stayed.

One of the key things about this site was to make it as simple as possible for camping location owners and members, but also the Nearly Wild Camping team as well.

Nearly Wild Camping already had a hosted WordPress.com blog, so we integrated this with their MailChimp newsletter and social media profiles.

The site went in its early form in 2014 and we handed it over and trained their team to manage it.

What the client said

“Who would have thought that so much goes on behind the scenes of a website. Moghill have been absolute stars, listening to our rambling descriptions of what we are after and turning them into a wonderful website and being incredibly patient with all of our ‘oh and…’

“We would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to get their website designed.”

Kerry Lane, Nearly Wild Camping

Visit the Nearly Wild Camping website
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Shropshire Housing Alliance

Shropshire Housing Alliance

The project

SHAlliance old site

Shropshire Housing Alliance is charity that provides homes to those who are on low incomes or in need of emergency accommodation within Shropshire.

What we did

Although Shropshire Housing Alliance has a landlord management scheme, they wanted a site that would appeal more to those in need of housing.  It was even more important in this case to make the site extra user friendly so that people could quickly access the vital advice and support they need.

This was done in a number of ways but specifically in how the content was developed. We kept it minimal and made the navigation super instinctive, as well as focusing on what housing help the Housing Alliance could offer rather than going on too much about the organisation itself.

We also ensured it performed effectively on mobile devices as their audience mostly accesses the site via their smart phones. As this website offers a few different services we felt it necessary to make individual short forms to make it even easier for the user to access help.

This site looks clean and professional, but more importantly approachable and friendly.


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Cae Glas Cricket Club

The Project

Cae Glas Cricket ClubCae Glas Cricket Club approached us after struggling with their own website and deciding they needed a professional web presence.

What Moghill did

We created a user-friendly website intended to appeal to a younger audience of potential new members as well as providing a place for upcoming fixtures, match reports and club news.

We managed the project, working with key volunteers within the club to bring the new website together, training those volunteers to edit the site themselves after go-live. The club’s volunteers have access to the Moghill Help site which includes guides and video tutorials.

Our aim was to look at other cricket club websites and give Cae Glas something easier for people to use which is also free of the clutter normally seen on cricket club websites. In short, we wanted to create the most useful and user-friendly cricket club website possible.

The site is also responsive design, so adapts itself to display across all devices from desktop computers to mobile phones.

Visit Cae Glas Cricket Club’s website
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The Bike Experience

The Bike Experience

The Project

The Bike Experience is a charity that helps disabled motorcyclists ride again on adapted bikes.

Our brief was to build a website that provides information about the charity for potential sponsors, information for participants, a blog and an online community for organisers, participants and volunteers.

The site included an events diary, forum, blog and videos, as well as Facebook integration. After 6 years it was amalgamated into another website.


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