Nearly Wild Camping

Nearly Wild Camping

Nearly Wild Camping

The Project

Nearly Wild Camping began in 2013 as a Community Interest Company that allows farmers and landowners with basic camping facilities to offer their land to campers.

Since then it has taken off and its website and technology has been at the heart of its success, with major website improvements made in 2017.

The Nearly Wild Camping website allows people to join on an annual subscription, which then gives them access to members-only website content, including a directory of all camp ‘sites’, with the ability to contact owners to make bookings.

Everything from taking membership fees to allowing camp ‘sites’ to add their details is handled by the site, and controlled by Nearly Wild Camping’s administrators.

Nearly Wild Camping Booking Page

The project

We were originally invited to bid on the project in a competitive process with other web design companies in 2013.

We used a mobile responsive WordPress design (for ease of use across all devices), and WooCommerce as the basis for the booking and membership systems.

We used a business directory extension to run the camping directory, which will allow camping location owners to add themselves on payment of a fee. The site will also sell co-operative memberships, with members then able to book and pay for their stay at any location through the website.

There’s an option to message the owner of the camping facility and a chance to rate and review where you’ve stayed.

One of the key things about this site was to make it as simple as possible for camping location owners and members, but also the Nearly Wild Camping team as well.

Nearly Wild Camping already had a hosted blog, so we integrated this with their MailChimp newsletter and social media profiles.

The site went in its early form in 2014 and we handed it over and trained their team to manage it.

What the client said

“Who would have thought that so much goes on behind the scenes of a website. Moghill have been absolute stars, listening to our rambling descriptions of what we are after and turning them into a wonderful website and being incredibly patient with all of our ‘oh and…’

“We would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to get their website designed.”

Kerry Lane, Nearly Wild Camping

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European Railway Atlas

European Railway Atlas

E-Commerce shop for independent publisher with e-newsletter

European Railway Atlas is a niche online shop supplying maps of European railway networks.

Owner Mike Ball began creating the atlas back in the 1980s and over the years saw it grow into a product he could sell online. He set up his own website with a free tool, but after a few years decided it was time for a more professional, integrated website. That’s when he came to us.

We recommended a solution based on WordPress and WooCommerce, with some important customisations, complex worldwide postage rules and PayPal integration.

Customised physical and digital products

The core product was an all Europe atlas, backed by a series of more detailed editions for each country. Customers buying a map would get not only a physical copy of the map, but a PDF digital copy of it for use on phones and other devices.

Digital products can be a minefield and Mike wanted to avoid unauthorised copying and sharing of his digital maps. We were able to set up a system where, on purchase the customer would be sent a download link to the PDF file.

That link would allow the file to be accesed a limited amount of times within a limited period. The digital map was also stamped with the customer’s email address and purchase date, to further discourage copying.

All of this had to be as automated as possible, with everything triggered by a customer buying a product. The shop does everything except for packaging the maps and sending them out!

But it does produce printable invoices and packaging slips.

E-mail marketing and SSL Security

An essential part of any online shop is e-mail marketing and we included this in the project. E-mail marketing is a great way to bring customers back to an online shop again, letting them know about new products and offering discount codes.

Online shops collect a great deal of personal information, and we ensured the site meets the latest security standards, by securing the website with an SSL Certificate.

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Edwards Dairy, Chirk

Edwards Dairy, Chirk

Edwards Dairy, Chirk

E-Commerce with Newsletter integration and customer self service

Edwards Dairies deliveries milk, groceries and all kinds of other things to business and residential customers around Oswestry, Chirk and Wrexham.

They originally came to us in 2012 after the designer of their first website decided to leave the business, leaving them with no-one to look after their website.

We started again with a WordPress website that allowed customers to serve themselves through a variety of forms, for example if they wanted to pause their order (if they were going away) or add extra items to their order.

Since then the Edwards Dairies website has evolved. The company is active on Facebook in particular, and we first expanded the website to allow them to publish special offers, and then send them out to customers by e-newsletter.

In 2015 we adapted the site to an online shop using WooCommerce, which allows their customers to select goods and add them to their normal order for delivery.

This meant that we had to ensure only existing customers are able to order or create an account.

The site underwent a re-design early in 2016, and we adapted it to run over SSL.

All these changes were possible by taking the original website we built in 2012 and adapting it several times along the way, turning it into a valued part of the Edwards Dairies business.

As of 2018 the original site has now been integrated into a third party CRM and we no longer host and maintain it.

Fair Acre Press

Fair Acre Press

Web Shop for small publishing house, incorporating a blog with e-newsletter, events calendar and competition facility

Fair Acre Press is a small publishing house based near Oswestry with a strong emphasis on poetry and involvement in the arts.

They approached us with specific requirements for a new website that would allow them to promote and sell their books online, either through the site itself, or by directing though to other websites.

The new site was to incorporate an existing WordPress website and blog, adding new content sections with a blog for each one, and all this was to link up to a new e-newsletter to send to around 700 subscribers.

Fair Acre Press also wanted the website to run competitions, which proved to be the most challenging aspect. Entrants were to upload their poetry to the website, but their poetry had to be submitted directly to the judges anonymously.

The solution was to provide a web form that sent a record to Fair Acre Press, while sending a copy of the poetry to a Dropbox folder, to which the judges had access. This allowed the organisers to match up submissions to names, while the judges had no idea whose work they were judging.



Shrewsbury Steam Rally

Shrewsbury Steam Rally

Shrewsbury Steam Rally

The client

Shrewsbury Steam Rally is one of the longest established and highest attended annual events in Shropshire and is run by the County of Salop Steam Engine Society. It is held every August Bank Holiday weekend and has done since the late 1960s. It attracts 20,000+ visitors every year.

The problem

The society already had a WordPress website that had been built and maintained by volunteer club members.

They knew that it was time to bring in professional help on the website as they knew it wasn’t bringing in enough visitors to the event but weren’t sure what they could do to help that. It was also struggling on a limited hosting platform.

They also wanted to try online ticket sales but needed guidance on how to make it work, and even whether it was worth investing in the long term. So they turned to Moghill for help.

How we helped them

The first step was to bring the existing site into our hosting, keeping hte original site live while we developed a new website with responsive design and a new, modern look.

Initially we discussed what they wanted to achieve and what they currently had in place (with regards to ticketing) so we could develop a system that would work well but also fit in with what they already had in place.

This was important because our solution would have to integrate with the gate system in use, running smoothly and preventing ticket duplication – and fraud.

It was also important that we work with them to develop a cost-effective solution as budget was limited.

We also looked at maximising sales by repurposing and streamlining the website content.

It had originally been very society-focussed rather than event-focussed so we put ticket sales front and centre along with useful information visitors would want to know, such as camping arrangements and facilities as well as what was happening at the event itself.

What happened next

Ticket sales far exceeded expectations.

Despite only very light promotion – only one post on the event’s Facebook page – ticket sales took off, making a seven-fold return on investment on the site in just one month of sales.

Even though nobody in the society had expected such sales, the website, built with WordPress and the WooCommerce platform for online sales, never missed a beat and coped effortlessly with high demand.

With the proof of concept that the online ticketing worked, and would be used, they have since implemented a full permanent ticketing system along with the hardware investment in terms of scanners on the gate for admissions.

But the site and its overnight success allowed the society to make an informed investment decision that changed the whole ticketing system, making it easier and better for visitors to get hold of tickets and spend less time queuing – and more time having fun!

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Llynclys Hall Farm Shop

Llynclys Hall Farm Shop

Llynclys Hall Farm Shop

The project

Llynclys Hall Farm opened its Farm Shop in 1995, selling their own and other locally-sourced produce to customers in Shropshire and Wales.

Owners Richard and Lynda Jones are so well known for the pumpkins they grow that Llynclys Hall Farm is known locally as The Pumpkin Farm.

What we did

They had never previously had a website and asked us to create an online shop to sell their goods for local delivery or pick up either at the farm or their stall at Oswestry Market.

As ever we made sure the shop was as simple as possible to use, with an easy to use interface and payment by Sage Pay.

Customers don’t have to register to buy from the shop, but if they choose to create an account then they are able to re-order with a single click.

We used a mobile responsive WordPress theme, with WooCommerce shopping cart software enabling easy, distraction-free shopping.

After three years the owners decided to scale down and remove the shop element, continuing as an ordinary website. This we were able to do at minimal cost to the client, by adapting the existing web shop and deleting data.

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Pentreclawdd Farm, Oswestry

Pentreclawdd Farm, Oswestry

Pentreclawdd Farm, Oswestry

Responsive website with online bookings for camping pods and caravan spaces

Bookings page on the Pentreclawdd Farm website

Pentreclawdd Farm, Oswestry, operates camping pods and a caravan site, with a seasonal Christmas tree and Christmas shop business.

They came to us to build their first website when they opened in 2013, to which we added online bookings for the pods and caravan site.

We created a mobile responsive WordPress website, using the WooCommerce e-commerce platform to handle accommodation booking.

This booking area also served as a booking system for the business, as it allowed phone bookings to be added manually, providing a single place to manage bookings and payment.

Sales success

The booking system went live in early 2014, and rapidly became a success, earning more than five times the cost of its development in its first season alone. Sales more than doubled again the following year and continued to rise in 2016.

During that time we hosted and maintained the site and ensured it continued to work reliably.

Pentreclawdd Farm decided to replace the site in late 2016 with another developer.


Attainability UK Ltd

Attainability UK Ltd

The Project

Attainability UK LtdWe were asked to rebuild and re-design Attainability’s outdated website and simple online shop as well as restructure and re-write all content.

What Moghill did

The end result was a user-friendly and professional website and fully featured online shop, which is easy to navigate and understand. It’s also easy for the customer to use as he has access to manage his own online shop. He also has access to the Moghill Help site, with its software guides and video tutorials.

The site is also responsive design, so adapts itself to display across all devices from desktop computers to mobile phones.

Big buttons were also an important feature of the site to make it easier for people using a mobile device, and for older users.

Because Attainability already had a working website, we built the site in a secret area and only put it live, replacing the original, when it was ready. This kept disruption to customers to a bare minimum.

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Shiny Bike Syndrome

Shiny Bike Syndrome

The Project

Shiny Bike SyndromeShiny Bike Syndrome started out as a motorcycle valeting business and has since expanded into providing cleaning products and accessories for bikes, as well as protective kit for riders.

We created an early website for the company in 2011, but as the business changed the proprietor, Nigel Coulson, decided he needed to update the site. He also wanted a way to take deposits for valeting appointments via his website.

What Moghill did

We created a new webshop for his business and made it much easier for customers to use than the previous version, leading to an improvement in sales. While doing this we switched the site to the popular and flexible WordPress platform, to make it easier to manage his shop. This meant we were able to bring the design of the site up to date, but we also put a lot of effort into optimising the site for search engines.

The biggest factor was an online booking calendar which allows his customers to pick a date for their motorcycle valet and then pay a deposit. This has proved really popular with his customers almost immediately since launch.

Because Shiny Bike Syndrome already had a working website, we built the site in a secret area and only put it live, replacing the original, when it was ready. This kept disruption to customers to a bare minimum.

Nigel said: “I saw a noticeable increase in customer numbers as soon as the site went live – I wasn’t expecting anything like that to happen.

“Some of my existing customers have mentioned how much better my new website looks as well.”


Bowland Tractors Ltd

Bowland Tractors

The Project

Bowland Tractors LtdBowland Tractors specialise in exporting used tractors and agricultural vehicles of all kinds existing website was dated and did not present the business in the best light.

They wanted a website that users with basic knowledge of computers could use with ease.

What Moghill did

We brought a professional approach to the new website, and built an entirely new version.

We re-structured the site with new content focused better towards customers’ needs and the needs of the business.

The heart of the site is an online brochure that allows customers to see parts and spares, instead of the product pages it used before, which were difficult to use. The new system is also a lot easier for Bowland Tractors’ staff to update themselves, and we included training and access to the Moghill Help site, which includes guides and video tutorials.

What the customer said

Bowland Tractors Director David Bland said: “Our old web page had become outdated and ineffective so we received a few quotations to update it from local and national companies.

“Moghill stood out as they clearly explained the process, costing and the fresh ideas they had for our new site. With minimum input from us the site was built and was up and running in the agreed time scale.

“Patrick and Fiona have gone out of their way to ensure the success of our web page and I would highly recommend them to anyone considering a new or improved site.”