C L Haden Writes

C L Haden Writes

C L Haden writes

The project

C L (or rather, Chelsea Louise) Haden is a content writer, blogger and social media specialist.  This was her first website because even though she’s been in business for five years, she had struggled to find the right web company.

What we did

Chelsea already had a good idea as to what she wanted her site to look like and told us of a website that she particularly liked which we used as a guide.

She had already had her branding done by Red Stone Studio therefore we took styling cues from this.  We used the colours from her logo and added them to the header, footer and the buttons of the site.

She wanted the blog to be the main feature on the site so we kept content on the home page to a minimum and did heavy styling and customization on the blog page.

We also:

  • Integrated an email newsletter function to automatically e-mail out blog posts to her subscribers
  • Integrated a Twitter feed as she’s most active on here
  • Added a blog feed on the footer

The site is no longer live.