shropshire tree services

Shropshire Tree Services

The Project

Shropshire Tree ServicesShropshire Tree Services came to us for their first ever website with the aim of building awareness of their business and winning new contract.

What Moghill did

There are a lot of tree surgeons locally and from the start we wanted to build a site that would stand out. The competitor sites had several things in common – they were very wordy (tree surgeons love what they do and like to talk about it) and this makes them difficult to use and a little intimidating.

So we built a site that was a straightforward as possible, worded very tightly and easy to use, with a couple of photo galleries to illustrate the work of Shropshire Tree Services.

The site is a standard desktop website without a mobile version but still usable on a phone, thanks to its clear layout.

We have also provided email services, taking on an existing account, and two other domain names which now point at the new site.

Full details on the Shropshire Tree Services project can be found here:

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