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Paul Wiseman Investigations

Paul Wiseman Investigations

The project

Paul Wiseman Investigations specialises in helping businesses across the UK, the US and Europe fight fraud.

Owner Paul Wiseman approached us because he was not happy with his site from a national provider (OK then – Yell/Hibu).

We worked with him to create new content that clearly explained his services, while adding a blog to allow him to discuss cases in depth.

As standard, the website we created for Paul was built in WordPress and used responsive design for ease of use on mobile devices.

Working with his original logo and supplied photos, we created a professional-looking, clean website that helped bring in new business within days of launch.

After 18 months in our care, Paul decided to move the site to his IT provider, who was able to quickly set up the site on new hosting, where it continues today.

While we don’t like to see any client leave, it’s reassuring to know that the websites we build can be moved to a new hosting provider if required.


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PML Pest Control

PML Pest Control

The project

PML Pest Control was a small business specialising in dealing with pests like pigeons and rodents. When they came to us they already had a website with Wix, but found it limiting and it did not bring them business.

With six core services, we suggested that the most effective way to serve the needs of customers was to divide the homepae six buttons, each leading to a page describing that service and a contact form.

This reflected the fact that visitors were most likely to be in urgent need and provided landing pages to attract search engines.

We also added an About page providing the all-important information people need to know when doinf business with any company. As usual, we wrote all the content after consultations with the client.

Sadly, not long after the website went live, the owner of PML Pest Control decided to sell the business due the illness, and the website is no more.


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EWMS Telford

EWMS Telford

The project

Environmental Waste Management Services is an innovative company with a unique method for weighing scrap for recycling.

When they came to us for a new website, they were keen to be able to illustrate their process and the best way to do this was by a video.

We made the video the centre piece of the website homepage, while the website explains the company’s services clearly.

As usual we wrote the content after discussions with the client, as well as doing additional photography on site.

The site is built in WordPress with responsive design for mobile devices.

Visit the EWMS Telford website
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Britsafe Health and Safety

Britsafe Health and Safety

The project

Britsafe is a Health and Safety Consultancy based in Shrewsbury, run by Graham Meredith.

Graham came to us after several attempts to build a website, and asked us to replace his four websites with a single site that would bring him new business.

This meant re-organising his content and making sure the website clearly set out his services, building trust in his business.

The replacement website is responsive design to work with mobiles, and clean and clear.

As soon as it was launched it was a success, bringing in new clients.

Once the new site was settled in, we set about tidying up and shutting down the previous websites, which in turn saved management costs.

Visit the Britsafe Health and Safety website
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H Fraser Consulting

Hannah Fraser

The project

H Fraser Consulting is led by Hannah Fraser, a Consultant Hydrogeologist. She came to us after a recommendation from one of our other clients.

She had built a website herself but felt she needed something that would present her business in a more professional light, as well as showcase her skills and expertise and generate new enquiries.

Hannah’s work in a complex and specialist field presented a challenge in producing the content. We created a simple but effective WordPress website, mobile responsive and targeted to her market.

The first version of the website launched late in 2014, and since then it’s undergone a few changes. We added new pages to promote Basement Impact Assessments, integrating a new logo and colours, and creating a blog, allowing Hannah to edit content herself.

The flexibility of WordPress has allowed the site to adapt to changes quickly and easily.

Visit the H Fraser Consulting website
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Berwyn Barns – Holiday accommodation

Berwyn Barns

The project

Berwyn Barns is a pair of luxury self-catering cottages in the upper reaches of the Ceriog Valley in North Wales.

Owners the Hughes family came to us armed with a tourism grant and asked us to create their first website, as well as business cards and a marketing brochure.

We worked with Red Stone Studio to produce a logo which gave us a common design theme for website and printed materials, and we didn’t need a second invitation to visit the cottages and photgraph them.

Even the weather was kind to us and we came away with photos that made the most of the tranquil and beautful surroundings.

These photos, combined with other supplied by the client, gave us all the images we needed for the brochure and a website that really makes the most of the accommodation.

Online booking

Since the client is already contracted with a booking site, we integrated the existing booking facility into the site, along with the ability for guests to enquire directly.

As always, we built this website in WordPress and responsive design for mobile devices and we set our the structure and wrote the content after discussions with the client.

The result is a website we and the client are proud of, and which we have since developed by adding a blog for latest events.

Visit the Berwyn Barns website
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Jacksons the Letting Agents

Jacksons the Letting Agents

The client

Jacksons Letting Agents are a long-established Shrewsbury lettings agent.

As well as listing properties on their own website they also use two popular national property listing portals – RightMove and Zoopla.

The problem

Their existing website was several years old and difficult for the client to manage.

The interface to upload properties (which was the only thing he could amend himself) was clunky, however it did reliably upload their site properties to the national listings sites.

Jacksons also felt frustrated by the limited number of pictures they could add to each listing.

Their website looked dated and cluttered as well as not working well on mobile devices, plus they had recently rebranded so needed a redesign to accommodate the new logo.

Unfortunately, Jacksons’ designer (who they had to approach for any content or design changes) could no longer support the website full time.

He had what we tend to call a Zombie website.

What we did

Several things were vital with this project:

  • Displaying property listings effectively
  • Ease of use by Jacksons staff, allowing them to quickly add properties
  • Creating a new the auto-feed to RightMove and Zoopla, uploading new properties
  • Incorporating the new branding in a clean, modern, simple design

Advanced estate agency features

We used WordPress solutions for all of these needs.

We customised a third party plugin to display the properties in several ways, with a clean layout for listings.

A key feature is the property map, which displays properties for rent on a custom Google map, complete with Jacksons branded ‘pins’. Jacksons staff only had to enter a postcode to display the properties on the map.

Mobile responsive design

As well as this we customised a premium mobile-friendly (responsive) design with their new company colours and branding.

We then worked with Jacksons to overhaul the content, streamlining and repurposing it to focus on what their visitors would want to do on the site.

And because we had very few images to work with from the previous website, we photographed their new ‘To Let’ signs outside some of their properties in order to get that home page image!

We produced a training manual that for Jacksons staff, with one to one training on the new system, and showing them where they could get help and further support if they needed it (Clue: our support service!).

We have since worked with them to develop further features on the site, including:

  • Switching over one of the property feeds to a new estate agency portal, OnTheMarket.com
  • Adding a dynamically-generated printable property list, that staff can print on demand for people who call into the office, reducing waste and printing costs
  • Adding ‘Let Agreed’ tabs to property images via a simple control in the admin area

What happened next

Jacksons can now amend the content on their website, and because we simplify the admin area of our clients’ websites, they know that they can’t break anything important!

And staff can add as many pictures to each listing as they like, as well as being able to easily upload the property’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for website visitors to read.

The site is clean and works well across different mobile devices, which is useful both for people trying to find their office and also those using the listings map to find a property for viewing. And because of the interactive Google map interface they can navigate right to the door on their phone.

Clients can also dial direct to the Jacksons office through the website on their smart phones.

Overall, the website now delivers key information with clarity across any device.

Jacksons merged with another agent in 2018.

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Sorrells Solicitors

Sorrells Solicitors

The project

Sorrells Solicitors came to us as yet another disatisfied customer of Yell/Hibu who needed a simple website that explained their services and brought them new clients.

After discussion with the partners we agreed on an approach of avoiding the usual problems seen on solicitors’ websites: Instead of a website that was distant from the user and full of legal jargon, we aimed for one that was short and to the point, even friendly!

We worked hard together to come up with content that explained benefits rather intimidating the visitor.

As usual the emphasis was on simple, clear navigation, simple language, on a WordPress website in responsive design for mobile devices.

The result was a website that brought in new clients where the previous site had failed.

In early 2016 Sorrells merged with another law firm and the site is currently a holding page.

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Shrewsbury Steam Rally

Shrewsbury Steam Rally

The client

Shrewsbury Steam Rally is one of the longest established and highest attended annual events in Shropshire and is run by the County of Salop Steam Engine Society. It is held every August Bank Holiday weekend and has done since the late 1960s. It attracts 20,000+ visitors every year.

The problem

The society already had a WordPress website that had been built and maintained by volunteer club members.

They knew that it was time to bring in professional help on the website as they knew it wasn’t bringing in enough visitors to the event but weren’t sure what they could do to help that. It was also struggling on a limited hosting platform.

They also wanted to try online ticket sales but needed guidance on how to make it work, and even whether it was worth investing in the long term. So they turned to Moghill for help.

How we helped them

The first step was to bring the existing site into our hosting, keeping hte original site live while we developed a new website with responsive design and a new, modern look.

Initially we discussed what they wanted to achieve and what they currently had in place (with regards to ticketing) so we could develop a system that would work well but also fit in with what they already had in place.

This was important because our solution would have to integrate with the gate system in use, running smoothly and preventing ticket duplication – and fraud.

It was also important that we work with them to develop a cost-effective solution as budget was limited.

We also looked at maximising sales by repurposing and streamlining the website content.

It had originally been very society-focussed rather than event-focussed so we put ticket sales front and centre along with useful information visitors would want to know, such as camping arrangements and facilities as well as what was happening at the event itself.

What happened next

Ticket sales far exceeded expectations.

Despite only very light promotion – only one post on the event’s Facebook page – ticket sales took off, making a seven-fold return on investment on the site in just one month of sales.

Even though nobody in the society had expected such sales, the website, built with WordPress and the WooCommerce platform for online sales, never missed a beat and coped effortlessly with high demand.

With the proof of concept that the online ticketing worked, and would be used, they have since implemented a full permanent ticketing system along with the hardware investment in terms of scanners on the gate for admissions.

But the site and its overnight success allowed the society to make an informed investment decision that changed the whole ticketing system, making it easier and better for visitors to get hold of tickets and spend less time queuing – and more time having fun!

Visit the Shrewsbury Steam Rally website
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Stainless Pipe Solutions

Stainless Pipe Solutions

The project

Stainless Pipe Solutions is a Mid-Wales based company specialising in complex metal installations in the food industry.

They already had a website, but sadly the developer had died and they were unable to change it at all.

We suggested a new website built in WordPress, with responsive design for mobile devices. Their original site was also lacking in structure and useful information, so we created new content.


Welder graphic used as a background image – and now on Stainless Pipe Solutions’ vans!

Working with the original images, we were able to create a visually striking homepage, which makes it clear what the company does.

To offset the dull steel effect of the website, we created a watermark welder image, which is now used on their vans.

We added an About page with a company history, and also the logos of major clients, to help build authority.


Visit the Stainless Pipe Solutions website
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