Real world SEO* personalised for your business

*That’s Search Engine Optimisation

You want your website to attract new customers to your business, don’t you? Well, Search Engine Optimization or SEO will help make it happen and our personalised SEO service may be just what you need.

But where to start? Do you really need it? And what even is SEO, really? In our experience most business owners have at least heard of SEO, but don’t have the faintest idea if it’s really for them, much less how to go about it.

SEO can be intimidating, but can make a big difference to your business

We understand that SEO is intimidating, and often made to look more complicated than it needs to be.

Over the years we’ve seen many websites struggle with effective SEO, and often waste money on the wrong things. And we’ve seen many taken in by silver-tongued sales people, who are ig on promises but no so hot on delivery.

Horror stories we’ve seen include making ‘results’ more impressive by targeting useless keywords, and technical work that has no impact on real-life SEO

But you also know your website’s SEO needs attention. So what to do?

 Personalised Search Engine Optimisation plan for small business

Our SEO package – personalised for your business website

Our SEO service addresses the real world factors that will most help your website to do well in search, and is tailor made for your business needs. We help you understand what’s going on with your website, and get where you need to be.

We aim to make sure you’ve got the basics covered, measure where you are now and provide you with an action plan, personalised for your business, that will ultimately build your SEO and bring you more customers.

Our SEO service: the basics

Keyword testing and research – we find the real keywords (search terms) your future customers will use to find you

A comprehensive action plan on the steps to take to achieve your aims, all in Plain English with no jargon

A review of the single most important factor in your SEO – your content – and easy ways to improve it

A service personalised for your business, with a focus on the ‘human factor’ vital to SEO and the individual needs of your business

Plain English information and advice that you can act on for real world results

Our SEO Service: in more detail

  • Initial video or telephone consultation where we discuss your aims and work together to find your keywords.
  • Testing your website against those keywords and where it currently stands.
  • Identifying content that already ranks for your keywords and how to develop it.
  • Identifying and analysing the competition for your keywords
  • Comprehensive assessment of your website and the technical/site health factors that affect SEO.
  • Assessing the human factors in your website (especially content, usability and structure) and identifying areas that can be improved.
  • Producing a comprehensive report and action plan for your next steps and a clear plan for future development.
  • Second video (or phone call) where we review what we’ve found and the action plan, so you’re confident on where to go next.

Once the project is completed you can continue with the plan yourself, or hire someone else, or we can continue to work on your site. It’s up to you.

Personalised SEO package: £349

Our Plain English SEO service is personalised for your website and will give you real world advice you can act on for real benefits.

Why choose our SEO service? Our track record

How do you know we know what we’re talking about? It’s a fair question.

Our SEO service is based on the very same approach we have used in building and improving websites for more than 10 years. In that time we have worked on over 150 projects, and in many of them SEO was key to success.

Our approach to building websites is to get the basics right for SEO, creating websites that will score highly in search without breaking the bank.

Now we have decided to turn with part of our service into a package that anyone can take advantage of, whether or not we are building a website for you,

Your SEO questions

This package is available if you have a WordPress website. We quote individually on other website platforms – please contact us below for more info.

What we need from you

To start with we need to know your website address and at least have an idea of your first five or so keywords. These won’t necessarily be what we end up going with, but will make a good starting point.

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