New client reports will help you understand your website better

We’ve just launched our new website reports, helping you, our clients, understand your website like never before.

This year we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to improve the performance and security of all the websites we look after.

But we’ve also been looking at ways to add value to our hosting and support service.

Why provide reports?

All too often we have no idea of what is happening on our websites, and that’s a missed opportunity.

It pays to understand how people use your website, so you can make improvements so it serves your business better, and help improve where it appears in search.

Also, for us, the reports are a way to show you the work we do behind the scenes to keep your website up to date, keep it secure and loading fast.

It helps de-mystify what we do, as well as hopefully helping you understand your website a little more. And it illustrates the high technical standards we work to.

But most of all, it’s a way to improve our service to our clients and add value to what we do.

What’s in the reports?

The monthly reports will be free for all our SiteGround-hosted clients and include:

  • Website statistics (analytics) overview
  • Software updates and optimisations done by us
  • Backups done
  • Security and performance checks

Our pay monthly and WooCommerce clients will be the first to get the reports. For more information about the reports and the information in them, see the guide on our client help site.

Premium Search Engine ranking reports – track your website’s progress in Google results

We’re also offering premium reports, which are available monthly, fortnightly or weekly and include our search optimisation report, from £5 per month.

If you have a business website, the chances are you already know the importance of your Google position in helping new customers find you.

But most business owners don’t know how to check their search position for the key terms their customers use to find them, and have no idea where they stand on Google.

Getting on the first page of Google results, let alone having the number 1 spot, can make a big difference to your business and our new search ranking reports aim to make that easier to achieve.

Track your ranking, competitors and more

We can check your site against the search terms that match what you do, and check your position in Google – and we can even run these checks at different geographical locations.

And we can also use this to find your competitors – the other websites that are ranking high for the same terms you are – and track them over time too.

We can track up to 100 search phrases, find and track your competitors and monitor your progress over time. If you want to improve your site but don’t know what to do, the SEO report makes a great starting point.

Search optimisation reports are available monthly, fortnightly or weekly.

If you’re interested or wish to order them, please open a support ticket and we’ll get back to you.

You can also find out how to interpret your client report, and more about the SEO report.

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