Shropshire Tree Services – Business website

Shropshire Tree Services logo

The Project

Shropshire Tree Services has more than 25 years’ experience of providing professional tree surgery services in Shropshire, Wales and Cheshire.

The company chose Moghill to build its new website after speaking to us and several local and national web providers about their aims for the site and what they wanted it to achieve for the business.

[caption id="attachment_1109" align="alignright" width="450"]Shropshire Tree Services website screenshot Shropshire Tree Services website screenshot[/caption]

The aim of the project was to create a website that will build awareness of the company and its services,  win new customers and make it easy for potential customers to get in touch.

What Moghill did

We got to know and understand the business and its services from the point of view of what customers would need to know and offered the company straightforward advice in plain English

Therefore we emphasised the company’s professionalism, experience and expertise and boiled down its services into easy to understand sections based on what potential customers may search the web for.

We were greatly helped by a large stock of photographs the company had taken during various projects, which who chose the best of to help illustrate how the company handles difficult projects, such as felling a large tree in sections, or completely removing a tree stump.

With a lot of other tree surgery sites in the Shropshire area we have built the site to perform well against the competition in web searches.

The site is to be a standard desktop website without a mobile version but still viewable on a phone. We have also provided email services, taking on an existing account, and two other domain names which now point at the new site.

View the website:

What the customer said

Gareth Stephens of Shropshire Tree Services said: “Moghill were not the first company we approached to build our website,  I only wish they had been.

“The service we have received has been first class from the first meeting to the point where the website was ready to go live.

“The professional approach of both Pat and Fiona has been superb! They made us feel that our website was as important to them as it is to us.

“Communication has been excellent throughout the process and nothing has been too much trouble.  There are many pitfalls when choosing a web design company and many companies will promise you the earth.

“Moghill have offered the benefit of their technological knowledge and expertise to build our website and I would not hesitate in recommending them.  Their straightforward and hassle free approach made the process of getting a website up and running stress free.”

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NRG Direct Mail – Website overhaul

NRG Direct Mail logo

The Project

NRG Direct Mail had a WordPress website that had been built by another company several years before, but it did not address the needs of the company’s customers or the company itself.

It also emerged that the website was running an out of date – and vulnerable – version of WordPress and all its plug ins were also out of date and the site was not being backed up.

[caption id="attachment_1048" align="alignright" width="450"]NRG Direct Mail's responsive design website built by Moghill Web Services NRG Direct Mail’s new responsive design website[/caption]

The company had been considering running a Search Engine Optimisation campaign but we successfully argued that the same results could be achieved by

  • Targeting the site better towards the needs of customers
  • Making it more concise, focussed and to the point
  • Implementing a new responsive design, which re-sizes itself to display better on mobile phones and tablet PCs, such as iPads.

What Moghill did

We set about overhauling the current website design, content and SEO completely: An illustration of what can be done within WordPress without changing the website platform.

NRG Direct Mail had already implemented Google Analytics statistics on their website, which meant we already had a wealth of statistical information to draw on about how people were using the website and finding it on web searches. This established that most visitors to the site were not new customers.

[caption id="attachment_1051" align="alignright" width="450"]NRG Direct Mail website before Original NRG Direct Mail website homepage[/caption]

We also looked at the major search terms appropriate for the company’s services and the competitors for those terms.

We interviewed staff about the number of enquiries received via the website and general customer response to it.

Finally we looked at the content and structure of the website as was and produced completely new content much better suited to customers and what they would be looking for.

We also added calls to action and quick contact forms which made it easy for customers to get in touch with the company and a new blog.

We were able to build the new version of the site in a test area while the old site ticked along and until the company was happy with it. Then we moved everything across over a weekend when web traffic was at its lightest.

We then handed over the website, providing training on how to use it and on web writing. We now maintain the site software so that Wordpress and plug-in versions remain up to date and secure and run regular back-ups of the site.

View the site at

What the customer said

Nick Chavasse, NRG Direct Mail Managing Director said: “Patrick and Fiona are a great team and have empathy with their clients.

“I liked the fact that they took the trouble to understand our business and then blend the creative aspects and appropriate web text with the Search Engine Optimisation work.

“An excellent result and already on Page One of Google. You cannot ask for more than that!”

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Hudson Chartered Accountant – Business website

Hudson Chartered Accountant logo

The Project

Louise Hudson set up in business as an independent chartered accountant and business advisor in 2012 and needed a website that reflected her friendly and approachable ethos.

She wanted a website that was simple and uncluttered as well as modern, and we suggested that she adopt the new responsive technology that would allow her site to be viewed as easily on a desktop computer as it can be on a mobile phone or iPad.

What Moghill did

[caption id="attachment_1060" align="alignright" width="450"]Louise Hudson's responsive design website designed by Moghill Web Services Louise Hudson’s responsive design website[/caption]

We took the time to understand Louise and her business aims so that we could produce a website that got the basics across without being stuffy in the way some accountancy websites can be.

We used images and a logo supplied by Louise and created a simple site that is user-friendly and modern with text that is short and to the point yet friendly in tone.

We also integrated the site with Louise’s professional social media profiles on Twitter and LinkedIn.

View the website:

What they said

Louise Hudson said: “It was a pleasure dealing with Moghill in the construction of my website.

“The website was designed in the way I requested – Fiona and Patrick took time to understand and listen to my requirements and provided a personal, user-friendly and cost-effective site.

“My queries are dealt with promptly. I am also very pleased with the responsive design which allows my website to be viewed easily on a smart phone.”

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Neil the Knit – Web Shop

Neil the Knit logo by Moghill Web Services

The Project

We were asked to build the first ever website and online shop for Neil, who has spent many years selling wools and yarns at exhibitions around the UK.

He wanted a way for his customers to buy from him when not at a show, and a new, fresh branding to stand out from the crowd and he wanted a company he could deal with in plain English.

[caption id="attachment_1065" align="alignright" width="375"]Neil the Knit web yarns and knitting pattern shop designed by Moghill Web Services Neil the Knit web yarns and knitting pattern shop[/caption]

What Moghill did

We took an original idea of Neil’s and worked it into a logo for an online shop with Paypal integration.

Neil was also clear that the shop should be easy to use and clearly laid out so we used a web shop with a simple interface and a one page checkout.

The shop began with around 300 products but we have worked with Neil to expand it beyond 500 products with yet more planned.

We also produced a range of branded products for Neil, from business cards to environmentally friendly cotton bags.

Visit the website:

What they said

Neil Morris, owner, said: “I have found Fiona and Patrick to be professional, very helpful, honest and approachable.

“Their setting up of the web site has run very smoothly and deadlines were met.

“They also spoke in a jargon free language and my “idiot sheet” is clear. I look forward to working with them both in the future.”

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